A San Franciscan tries the future of mobility — LimeBike, SPIN, Bird, and JUMP Bike

The 405 (http://sanfernandovalleyblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/freeways-postcards.html)

LimeBike E-Scooters (Lime-S)


SPIN E-Scooters

SPIN e-scooter

Bird E-Scooters

Two Birds in one photo

JUMP Bikes

JUMP e-bike

The problems with sharing e-bikes and e-scooters

Phantom bikes / scooters and sketchy people

I spent fifteen minutes searching for this lime…
A Bird motor that was “sticky” and unsafe
A really banged up JUMP bike
I ended up using JUMP and Bird way more than LimeBike and SPIN
Is being a Bird Charger a good deal?
Message from a Chinatown neighbor

The future of mobility looks bright, like these headlights on a JUMP Bike!

A JUMP bike cupholder, basket and headlight
A JUMP bike panel
I rode a Lime-S for about a half mile to find a JUMP bike so I take a longer ride back to Bayview



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